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ILR Virtual Tour of Staten Island

Are you feeling a pent-up desire to see something new, to experience a new place? I'll bet you are! Come with ILR and our guide, Susan Birnbaum. We'll "scratch that itch" for you! We will travel to a place that has 170 beautiful parks, has a renowned museum of Tibetan Art, has something to do with the GAME OF THRONES TV show, wher [ more ]


ILR announces that the 2021 Spring Semester will be open for registration on March 1 at midnight. We are preparing the catalog for distribution, here's a sneak peek:

S21-01 Film Forum Discussion Group
S21-02 The Artist Grows Old
S21-03 Mozart: March – Maestro Alasdair Neale
S21-04 Essential Ellingto

S21-05 Contemporary Issues in Computer Ethics: Hacking, Whistle Blowing, the Internet of Things
S21-06 Addressing Climate Change Through Local Initiatives
S21-07 Healthcare in the Time of COVID-19
S21-08 Is GDP a Useful Economic Indicator to Tackle Wealth Inequality?
S21-09 Status of the US Economy and the Biden Administration's Plans for Its Recovery
S21-10 Sustainability in Our Food Choices
S21-11 By the Way, Whatever Happened to Brexit?

S21-12 The Ogham Alphabet: Past and Present
S21-13 The Jewish Experience in Italy
S21-14 Jonathan Edwards in His Study: Material and Social Practices of Intellectual Work in the 18th Century

S21-15 Rediscovering Fairy Tales
S21-16 Selected Literature of the American Dream from the Puritans to the Present
S21-17 Telling Their Own Stories: African American Women
S21-18 ILR Book Group #1: The General's Women
S21-19 Euripides' Women: Radical Feminism
S21-20 ILR Book Group #2: The Shadow of the Wind

S21-21 Dumping Cable TV
S21-22 Align Your Posture
S21-23 Gardens in the Shade
S21-24 Raising Backyard Chickens
S21-25 The Art of No-Knead Bread Making
S21-26 Introduction to Beekeeping in Connecticut
S21-27 Funerals: Cremations, Preplanning – Let us have a Conversation
S21-28 Conversational German Language Table

S21-29 Mysteries of the Unknown, Unsolved and Unexplained
S21-30 The Epidemic of Obesity in the U.S
S21-31 The Mind/Brain Connection
S21-32 Cancer – A Historical & Biological Perspective
S21-33 Monitoring the Health of Long Island Sound with the Soundkeeper
S21-34 Evidence-Based Lifestyle Change to Prevent Weight Gain, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease

As you can see, we have a variety of subjects so there should be something for everyone. Registration will open on March 1 at 12am. We anticipate that demand for the classes will be high, so be sure and check your logon ID and password beforehand so you will not have delays in registering.

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Be sure and select 2021 Spring in the Select Semester field.

Don't Get Shut Out of Classes this Spring


Registration is open now.

Now that you have had time to peruse the Spring catalog online and decide your course selection(s), don't get shut out because of log-in issues! [ more ]

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