ILR is ready for the Spring 2017 semester. Membership and class registration is now available online. Thanks to many dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic Study Group Leaders, we will once again offer an outstanding schedule of courses this Spring. ILR is again offering clients the ability to sign up for membership and courses electronically using a more user-friendly approach. As with any new process, we had a few issues this past Fall but overall, ILR members responded positively as we had expected from people who are on a lifetime learning journey. Once again, help will be available on specific dates and times at the Woodbridge Library for members who need assistance.

  • We are fortunate to have so many excellent Study Group Leaders who have agreed to return for this term. However, new Leaders are always welcome and therefore we are asking all members of ILR to contact us if you have any recommendations for potential Study Group Leaders, or would like to join the Curriculum Committee to help plan for the Fall term. New members are both needed and welcome! Just go to "Contact Us" on the website.

    • Please keep up with everything that is happening by visiting your ILR website often. If you have any suggestions for improved electronic communication or other issues, go to our "Contact Us" page. The success of our ILR programs depends on our member's active participation.

    Beginning in spring 2013, we no longer process late registrations. Registration deadline will be posted on this website and published in the catalog. Don’t let procrastination deny you access to the classes of your choice.

  • See Events and Trips page for information on upcoming trips.

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The Institute for Learning in Retirement Inc. at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT (ILR) is a non-profit, community-based group of retired and semi-retired people who share a love of learning. At its heart, ILR is an academic program designed to suit varied interests. We enjoy college level academic pursuits without concern for credit, grades or prerequisites. This creates unique educational opportunities made possible by members who volunteer their time and by collaborative leadership.

Our Study Group leaders include current and retired professors from Yale, SCSU, Albertus Magnus College, Quinnipiac University, and other institutions. Some of our courses are also led by members whose avocation is learning. They share their own passion for research with their peers, whether the topic is medicine, music, language, history, literature, movies, food, geography or politics. We have a spring (April through June) and a fall semester (October and November). Our classes are held mainly at Albertus Magnus College, which generously allows us the use of their Aquinas Hall classrooms.

We issue course catalogs to members twice a year and offer between 40 and 50 courses each semester. All classes are held between 9:30 am and 4:00 pm on weekdays. There are more than 300 lifelong learning groups throughout the United States and Canada. Each sets its own by-laws and fees. Our ILR prides itself on being affordable even by those on tight budgets. Annual membership is $30, and the registration fee for each course is $10 plus the cost of photocopied materials, dvd’s, and other supplies required in some subjects.

Please note: because of increased printing and mailing costs, only paid-up members will receive catalogues and other hardcopy materials. Non-members are welcome to come to this website for current ILR information.


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