Current Course Offerings

Registration for Spring Classes begins March 1 at 12:00 AM. All classes this semester will be held on Zoom.

To Preview or Register for courses click on the Register Online button. 

PLEASE NOTE: Scheduling subject to change.  Click the "Register Online" button above for the most up-to-date course information. 

These changes were made after the catalog was printed and mailed. The catalog in the attachement below will not be updated.

S21-01 File Forum Discussion Group - all three sessions of this course will run from 10:30 am until approximately 1:30 pm

S21-17 Telling Their Own Stories: African American Women - all three sessions of this course will run from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

S21-28 Conversational German Language Table - there are 4 sessions: May 19, May 26, June 2 and June 9

S21-16 Selected Literature of the American Dream from the Puritans to the Present - two sessions have been rescheduled.  The classes originally scheduled for April 29 and May 6 have been canceled.  Two sesssions have been added on June 3 and June 10.

Make sure you have registered for the class. You will receive a confirmation letter by email by noon the day before the class starts. Please keep this email because you will need it in order to log in to the class.
The letter will include:
Meeting ID: 9, 10, or 11-digit number
Password: 6-digit number for security if required)
Host (Liaison): Name and phone number in case you need assistance

IMPORTANT: Once you receive this information, DO NOT SHARE IT for security reasons. We want to protect your class from "Zoom bombs".
If you wish, you can download and install the Zoom app on your computer at this time. Otherwise you will be prompted to download the Zoom app when you check in on the day of the class. To download now, go to Download Zoom App and select the download button for "Zoom Client for Meetings" and follow the prompts. For a tablet or phone, go to the app store and download the Zoom app for free. Click Allow when prompted.

If you have never Zoomed before, please plan to log into Zoom about 15 minutes before the class begins in case you have any difficulty or need assistance.
Go to the confirmation email you received. Click on the link provided in the Confirmation Letter.
Once the Zoom application opens, select Open Zoom in the dialog box that pops up.
(Note: if you have not downloaded and installed Zoom app yet, not to worry. You will see a download link once you open the Zoom window from the link). Click Allow when prompted.
Please enter the Meeting ID (Passcode), and Password (Access Number) from the confirmation letter if asked.
Then click Join. The Host will place you in the call "waiting room" with other participants until the class is ready to begin.

When you enter the online session, your microphone will be automatically muted so you can hear but not be heard. The Host may change this option.
Chat: If you have a comment or question during the presentation, you can click "Chat" and enter your comments. The host will convey them to the SGL for response. Chat is located by scrolling or rolling your mouse to the bottom of your screen.
IMPORTANT: If microphones are unmuted by the Host or SGL, be careful to not speak over someone already talking.

Generally, ILR courses are offered twice a year - a Spring semester from late March to early June and a Fall semester from late September to early December. Usually held during the daytime on weekdays, there are a few courses that meet on Saturdays. Intersession courses may be offered in the Summer or Winter if there are interesting and timely events for our members.  Paper catalogs will be mailed to active members and course offerings can be viewed online by clicking the Register Online button above. 

For non-online classes when offered, ILR uses various venues throughout the New Haven area. We have many venues as individual locations offer different classroom configurations in size, audio/visual and computer equipment best suited to the course being presented. Class sizes are based on instructors' preferences and on available classroom capacities. Also, having multiple locations to attend courses ensures that members can find courses of interest near their home.

Fees vary, depending on the number of classes per course and cost of materials used in that course. Fees are shown on the registration page for each course so members are aware of the fees and materials costs for the course they select.

Courses can be viewed by clicking the Register Online button above. In order to register for a course, however, you must be a current Member of ILR with annual dues paid up to date. New and renewing memberships can also be purchased using the Register Online button or by clicking on the Become a Member page on the Membership website tab

Our Tech Team is available for any questions you may have. Send a message to   

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