ILR Announces First Online Classes for Spring 2020

We are very excited to announce that ILR will be offering online classes for the 2020 Spring Online semester. 

The Curriculum Committee and the Tech Committees have been working very hard to set up remote learning experiences for its members.  There will be 8 classes that cover subjects from Current Events, Literature, Science, Travel Experiences and Humor.  A good variety of subjects that should have something for everyone. You will also be happy to learn that we will not be charging any fees for these classes.  It is our way of thanking those members who are brave enough and willing to try a new method of learning for ILR. 

Registration will open on May 7 and the first class is May 11.  The registration process will be the same as our regular semesters so make sure you know your logon ID and password.  Refer to our Courses tab for the links to Register and we hope you enjoy the semester.

Keep learning! 

Susan Vallillo, President

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